Skimz QuietPro QP1.2 DC Submersible Water Pump

Brand: Skimz
Product Code: QP1.2
EAN: 8886390382955
Dimensions : (L x W x H): 18.50cm x 13.50cm x 10.50cm
Weight: 0.74kg
Availability: In Stock

Skimz QuietPro QP1.2 is a very efficient 1,200 L/h aquarium submersible water pump that draws only 15W at full flow.

QuietPro QP1.2 pump features a slow start-up mode with innovative electronics and automatic power-off protection mode. QuietPro is a variable speed controllable pump which offer high flow rate and low power consumption.

QuietPro QP1.2 is silent in operation due to brushless DC (BLDC) 6-pole synchronous motors. You can adjust the speed to meet your performance requirements, makes it an energy saving solution.


QuietPro Features:

• Extremely Low Noise
• 10-Minute Feed Mode
• Soft Start-Up
• Dry Run Protection
• Internal Memory Module
• Overload/Temperature Protection
• "High Strength" Ceramic Shaft
• Fully Adjustable Flow


Pump Dimensions
• L120 x D60 x H100mm (4 3/4" x 2 3/8" x 3 15/16")

Max Flow
• 1,200L/h

Max Head
• 1.8m

Power Consumption
• up to 15W

• AC100-240 50-60Hz 24V DC/1A

Pump Controller
• QPC35



• Variable speed - range 5 – 100%
• Soft startup - prevent excess wear on motor and impeller assembly
• Shut-off blocks - automatic restart after 10 seconds (power off after 10 times)
• Dry run - automatic restart after 2 minutes (power off after 10 times)
• Memory module - in case of power failure, re-identification of the last set speed
• Feed mode- disable pump for 10 minutes.
• LED display - Wattage and speed settings


• Overload protection
• Liquid temperature - +2 °C to max. +40 °C
• Ambient temperature - 0 °C to max. +50 °C
• CE conformity


Skimz QuietPro QP DC pump has six different models. QP1.2, QP2.0, QP4.0, QP6.0, QP9.0, QP12.0


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