Skimz Sumpro UP30 Sump Tank

Brand: Skimz
Product Code: UP30
EAN: 8886390381910
Dimensions : (L x W x H): 85.00cm x 46.00cm x 46.00cm
Weight: 20.35kg
Availability: In Stock

The new Skimz Sumpro™ UP30 sump tank features the white, stylish and efficient design with Duoflo filter sock chamber, skimmer chamber, built-in 4 dosing lines, 4 probe holders and top-off water chamber.

The aquarium water drains into the filter chamber with the outlets submerged with the water then overflowing into the sock chamber to prevent salt creep and reduce noise. The Duoflo filter sock chamber allows you chose what filtration size you want. You can also choose the filter socks in different grain sizes, having the first compartment using fine micron and second using coarse micron. Once the first chamber becomes blocked, the water spills over to the second chamber.

The next stage is a skimmer chamber with Level-o-matic™ adjustable spillway gate to control the water level for optimal protein skimmer operation. Rather than just adjusting baffles with thumbscrews, Skimz Level-o-matic™ extends this idea to make adjustment easy by tuning the knob to slide the spillway gate. Water level in the skimmer chamber is adjustable from 180 to 230mm to accommodate for the water height requirements for different protein skimmers.

All Skimz Sumpro™ UP30 sumps come with a probe holder that can hold up to four probes. The holes are 15mm In diameter with thumbscrews to secure different sized probes. The sumps also come with tube holder in the top support brace for holding in four 4mm ID (3/16") tubes from dosing pumps, auto water top offs, reactors, etc.

UP30 features:

• Level-o-matic™ adjustable spillway gate
• Duoflo filter sock chamber
• Built-in 4 dosing tubes - 4mm ID (3/16")
• 4 Probe holders
• Switchable PVC pipe cover
• Skimmer chamber
• Top-off water Chamber


Sumpro UP30 Specifications:

• L762 X D381 X H383mm (30” x 15“ x 15”)

Skimmer Chamber
• 362 x 365mm (14” x 14“)

Return Pump Chamber
• 202 x 365mm (8” x 14“)

Skimmer Water Level
• 180 - 230mm (7” - 9”)

Auto Top-off Water Chamber
7.5 litres / 2.0 gal

Total Water Volume
• 101 litres / 27 gal

Drain Input Fittings
• 2 (40mm or 1") DIN Standard or Schedule 80

4" Filter Socks Length 9.45"
• 1 x Skimz ELS-S304 Nylon Filter Sock

4" Filter Socks Length 14"
• 1 x Skimz ELS-L304 Nylon Filter Sock


Skimz Sumpro sumps available in 8 sizes: UP14, UP18, UP21, UP22, UP30, UP34, UP36 and UP39.




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