Skimz ZM150 Zeolith Reactor

Brand: Skimz
Product Code: ZM150
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The Skimz ZM150 Zeolith Reactor has a chamber diameter of 150mm and is ideal for aquariums up to 2,000 litres. The ZM150 features dual chambered agitators to eliminate jamming and reduce wear.

Skimz ZM150 Zeolith Reactor is the simple approach which allow you to have a more active influence over the water chemistry, which is vital to the growth and colouration of corals, especially SPS corals.

Technical Data:

Method of feeding: Feed pump
Feed rate: 1,800 - 2,000 l/h
Fittings: DIN
Double chamber: Yes


L 182 x W 220 x H 465mm

For Aquariums:

Up to 2,000 litres


This product is warranted against defective material and workmanship of the body for 2 years.