Skimz SuperSilent SS18.0 Wavemaker Pump

Brand: Skimz
Product Code: SS18.0
EAN: 8886390384034
Dimensions : (L x W x H): 21.00cm x 16.00cm x 9.50cm
Weight: 1.35kg
Availability: In Stock

Skimz SuperSilent wavemaker pumps use high-quality 6 poles DC motors and Sine-Wave controllers which ensure efficiency and quiet operation. The controllers with "Wave Sync" function can be linked wirelessly to synchronise modes and up to 6 wavemakers can be linked.

SuperSilent SS18.0 has very small footprint and is a very efficient 18,000 L/h pump that draws only 40W at full flow. There are also one-touch 10 minute feeding mode, automatic self-cleaning system and photo-sensor night mode.

SuperSilent SS18.0 wavemaker pump has 6 different flow modes. You can adjust the modes with the frequency dial and speed button.


Wavemaker short pulse image  Short Pulse

Wavemaker long pulse image  Long Pulse

Wavemaker tidal wave image  Tidal Wave

Wavemaker ocean current image  Oceanic Current

Wavemaker constant flow image  Constant Flow

Wavemaker alternate flow image  Alternate Flow


SuperSilent Wavemaker Specifications:

Wavemaker Dimensions
• L105 x D80 x H70mm (4 1/8" x 3 1/8" x 2 3/4")

• 18,000 L/h (4,755 gph)

Power Consumption
• up to 40W

• AC100-240 50-60Hz 24V DC/2.75A

Pump Controller
• WMC-SS18.0

Magnet Mount (Glass thickness)
• up to 19mm (3/4")

For Aquarium
• up to 800 L (211 gal)


Skimz SuperSilent aquarium wavemaker pump has three different models: SS6.0, SS9.0, SS18.0


Wavemaker wireless sync wavesync


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