Skimz Pur N-BIO Media

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Skimz Pur N-BIO is a biodegradable polymer which provides a food source for beneficial bacteria that consume nitrate and phosphate in your aquarium. Maintaining low nitrates is key to maintaining the best coral coloration, healthy fish and avoiding algae outbreaks.

Pur N-BIO is designed for use in a biopellet reactor. The proper amount of water flow will keep the pellets in constant motion and prevent clumping.

Pur N-BIO is a natural biological process. It improves water quality for fish and other marine life in your aquariums.


• Removes nitrate and phosphate

• Eliminates unsightly algae and cyanobacteria

• 100% reef safe


1. Use 100 ml of Pur N-BIO for every 100 litres (25 gallons) of aquarium water volume. Aquarium with high nitrate (40ppm+) should start off slowly with 1/2 dosage, and may experience a short period of water cloudiness.

2. Pur N-BIO can be soaked overnight to reduce floating pellets.

3. Add the Pur N-BIO into a biopellet reactor. Regulate the flow rate until all the Pur N-BIO is tumbling, so that it will keep the media free of biofilm.

4. Direct the output of reactor toward the intake of the protein skimmer to aid the bacterial removal process. Within 3-4 weeks the Pur N-BIO will be sufficiently colonized with bacteria.

5. Replenish Pur N-BIO as it is consumed by bacteria.


Available in three sizes: 680ml, 1.5L and 4L.