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Skimz Pur ARAG is a complete calcium reactor media which composed of natural aragonite with a high concentration of calcium, carbonate, magnesium, strontium, potassium and other essential trace elements. This is the perfect media necessary for the growth of stony corals, such as SPS and LPS.

Pur ARAG has a grain size of 4-6mm to ensure good circulation and easy diffusion of carbon dioxide, which effectively reduces CO2 consumption.

Pur ARAG has high magnesium and strontium, that is used by the coral to actively control the growth of the different skeletal crystal components.

Elemental Analysis (ppm)

                         ARAG       Coral
Calcium           395,000    380,000
Magnesium      1,095        785
Strontium         7,390        6,600
Potassium        48             48
Carbonate       595,000    590,000

Other Essential Trace Elements:

Bromide, Cobalt, Manganese, Molybdenum, Nickel, Zinc.


1. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions supplied with the calcium reactor.
2. Fill the reactor chamber with Pur ARAG media up to the height indicated by the manufacturer, in most cases this will be three quarters of the chamber or a bit higher.
3. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to adjust the rates of water flow and CO2 injection and attain the desired concentrations of calcium and alkalinity in the effluent.
4. During the first couple of months you may need to measure alkalinity and calcium 2 to 4 times to ensure that parameters are within the desired ranges, and make adjustments to reactor system as required. Once the reactor set up has proven that it is maintaining the level, you can then stretch the time between tests.

"Finest" aragonite of the USA


Available in three sizes: 680ml, 1.5L and 4L.