Skimz CR16 NeoMag Coral Frag Rack

Brand: Skimz
Product Code: CR16
EAN: 8886390380845
Dimensions : (L x W x H): 25.00cm x 10.50cm x 7.30cm
Weight: 0.40kg
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Skimz CR16 NeoMag Coral Frag Rack is just what you need to cultivate and grow of hard and soft corals such as acropora, montipora, pocillopora, porites, zoas, etc.

Skimz CR16 Coral Frag Rack has an unique cross pattern for the holes along with an acrylic plug with a single rectangular post allowing you to rotate the plug in the hole in 90-degree increments. This  allow you to choose the best placement of the coral frags. The cast acrylic structure of the rack attaches on glass or acrylic up to 12mm thick using strong neodymium magnets

Skimz Coral Frag Rack is available in four sizes: CR4, CR12, CR16 and CR25. It comes with free Frag Plugs.


Holds 16 frag plugs
L250mm x D105mm

Design Registration No. 30201501544P