Skimz Felt Filter Sock 4” x 14”

Brand: Skimz
Product Code: BMB-L204
EAN: 8886390383587
Dimensions : (L x W): 20.00cm x 29.50cm
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Skimz BMB-L204 Felt Filter Socks are used on overflows to remove excess food, detritus, organic waste, dust, and other small floating particles from aquarium water. Filter socks also help block large objects, such as sand, crabs and snails from damaging pump motors. Plastic ring fits common sump holders.

Material: 200-micron fine mesh felt

Sizes: BMB-L204 - 355mm Long (4” x 14”)

Skimz Felt filter sock available in two sizes: BMB-S204 and BMB-L204.