Spare Parts - Sicce Skimmer Pump PSK1000, PSK1200

Brand: Skimz
Product Code: Spare Parts PSK1000-PSK1200
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Spare Parts for Skimz Sicce Skimmer Pump PSK1000, PSK1200

S/N Part Description PSK1000 PSK1200
1 Motor block MB-PSK1000-P MB-PSK1200-P
2 Pump outlet nut SBLM-PSK-P SBLM-PSK-P
3 Ceramic and bushing CB-PSK001-P CB-PSK001-P
4 Pinwheel impeller PWI PSK1000-P PWI PSK1200-P
5 Front cover FC-PSK001-P FC-PSK001-P
6 Retaining screws LS014-P LS014-P


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