Skimz ZAR127 Zeolite Auto Reactor

Brand: Skimz
Product Code: ZAR127
Dimensions : (L x W x H): 64.50cm x 23.50cm x 23.50cm
Weight: 3.95kg
Availability: In Stock

Skimz Zeolite Auto Reactor (ZAR) is a replacement product of its predecessor the ZM manual series. It is powered by only 1 DC controllable pump and there are 2 preset automatic flushing modes that will provide ease of operation for the usage of zeolite method. Skimz ZAR127 Zeolite Reactor pipeless design helps to reduce its footprint which is perfect for hobbyists with limited space. Changing of media is also made easy with the split body design, an upper body for media and lower body for pump. Each body is provided with a flanged end for quick release.

• 2 Preset Auto Flushing Mode
• 4 Preset Flow Rates
• Pause Mode for dosing bacteria
• Double-Speed Button

Skimz ZAR127 Zeolite Reactor consists of 4 preset flow rates for different volume of zeovite media:

• 0.3L media
• 0.6L media
• 0.9L media
• 1.2L media

Hobbyists can select the desired flow rate according to the amount of media they use and with a press of a button the flow rates can be double up for faster absorption of unwanted nutrients.

Hobbyists can also choose either of the 2 preset flushing modes when operating the reactor. Each mode has different characteristic which is in line with the old twice a day and new automated hourly flushing method.

• Mode 1: Twice a day flushing
• Mode 2: Automated hourly flushing

The New Skimz ZAR127 Zeolite Auto Reactor can fulfil the needs of old school and new users. Hobbyists will not have to worry about forgetting the twice daily pushing-pulling the PVC rode. It will reduce the amount of effort needed to maintain a zeovit system.


Reactor Specifications:

• Footprint: 155 x 170mm (6 1/8" x 6 11/16")

• Total height: 475mm (18 11/16")

• Body diameter: 120mm (4 3/4")

Pump Specifications:

• Model: QuietPro QP5.0 DC

• Power consumption: up to 30W

• Voltage: Power AC100-240V 50-60Hz 24V DC/2.75A

• Pump controller: ZC-ZAR127

Zeolite Media:

• up to 1.2L

For Aquariums:

• up to 480L


Skimz Zeolite Auto Reactor has two different models: ZAR127, ZAR157


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