Skimz CF2 Coral Feeder

Brand: Skimz
Product Code: CF2
EAN: 8886390381521
Dimensions : (L x W): 8.50cm x 69.00cm
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Skimz CF2 Coral Feeder is the perfect tool for feeding foods to hard corals, soft corals or small fish. When it comes to feeding corals with very small mouths, like leathers or SPS corals, there are food additives you can add to the water and spot feed.

Corals can do well without being feed when provided with the proper environment within an old or mature set-up. Usually feeding corals will accelerate their growth and enhance the colours.

Skimz Coral Feeder uses medical grade silicone bulb pumps. Medical grade silicone is silicone with properties that allow it to be safely used in contact with living tissue, a characteristic called biocompatibility.

Skimz Coral Feeder uses laboratory grade tips.  Laboratory tips are commonly used in chemistry, biology and medicine to transport a measured volume of liquid.

Skimz CF2 Coral Feeder is sold in a set of two:

  • 400mm feeder
  • 600mm feeder