The Skimz Monzter series of the fluidized reactor incorporates superior design to provide the best fluidising reactor available today. Designed with upward flow, it fluidized media within the reaction chamber for maximum efficiency. Water is pushed down into a cone chamber and is returned back up through a dispersion plate. This method ensures even upward flow within the chamber, which minimizes dead spot, making the whole surface area of media available for absorption efficiently.

The Skimz Monzter fluidized reactor is perfect for use with phosphate absorption media or activated carbon.

Every Skimz Monzter range of product is hand-crafted with the highest quality materials and precision CNC machined.

   - High precision CNC machined parts
   - Top quality DIN pipe fittings
   - Elegant and easy to use

Design Reg. no. D2008/977/D


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Skimz FM100 Fluidized Reactor

Skimz FM100 Fluidized Reactor

The FM100 has a reactor chamber diameter of 100mm and is ideal for aquariums up to 600 litres. The F...
Skimz FM150 Fluidized Reactor

Skimz FM150 Fluidized Reactor

The FM150 is the bigger brother of the FM100. It has a reactor chamber diameter of 150mm and is idea...